Our Story


Lisa Hatcher is a professional actress, communications consultant and public speaking coach with over twenty five years of experience in acting, teaching and presenting.

She draws upon her background in both business and the theater to provide a unique type of coaching for business professionals and students who want to improve their communications skills and learn to love the spotlight!

Lisa conducts interactive workshops and coaches individuals on presentation skills, executive presence and business etiquette.  She has coached executives from major area corporations, among them Airgas, Astra, The City of Philadelphia, DLA Piper, Exelon, Fisher Marantz Stone, The Hartford Group Henkels & Mc Coy, Independence Blue Cross, Lockheed Martin, Northrup Grumman and Rohm and Haas and taught students from the University of Delaware, Villanova University, The Wharton School and the Fox Leadership Program at the University of Pennsylvania. and The Willowdale Steeplechase

Lisa also appears as a guest speaker for Philadelphia area business organizations and continues to work as a professional actress.  She has performed in numerous theater productions, industrial films, television commercials, and voice over narrations and as a spokesperson on QVC.

In my role as an executive coach, I have asked Lisa Hatcher to work with many of my clients over the past ten years.  The results she achieves are transformative.  Tentative speakers become self -confident and powerful.  Disorganized presenters emerge as cogent and concise proponents.  I would unequivocally recommend Lisa to improve any aspect of corporate and personal communication. 
                -Dr. Bill Haas
                   President of the Consulting Division                                        At AIIR Consulting, LLC

For three years, Lisa has been the marvelous consultant for our “Public Engagement/Material Culture Institute at the University of Delaware, teaching doctoral students how to improve their public speaking skills at the podium and on television.  The participants each year have given her their highest rankings.  We have increased her segment here and they still want more!
                  -Dr. Joyce Hill Stoner

                  Edward F. and Elizabeth Goodman Rosenberg

                  Professor of Material Culture,

                  University of Delaware,  

                  Director UD Preservation and Doctoral Program

Lisa Hatcher possesses a remarkable blend of competencies. Lisa has a sharp eye and keen understanding of people and business, the broadcast industry in particular. Lisa knows how to leverage the power of voice, posture, gesticulation and, of course knowledge. She anticipates potential problems and readily offers insightful ways to tackle the issue. With style and grace, Lisa engages professional clients and provides them with the skills they need to successfully perform whether it’s during an on camera press briefing, a whiteboard presentation to colleagues, staff or trustees, a speech to a large audience or simply a job interview.

                     -Erickson S. Blakney
                     Reporter Bloomberg, CBS News
                     Film maker, Philanthropist

Lisa's stage presence is powerful, animated and highly engaging. She presents with poise, humor and unmatched authenticity which consistently draws her audience in for more. Lisa's work ethic and commitment to excellence is what makes her programs so effective. She listens, cares, customizes and delivers. I highly recommend Lisa to open any event as a keynote speaker - you will be glad you did!"

                     -Kristin Mackey
                      Author and motivational speaker

I am increasingly in situations where I have to explain the concepts of my art work to potential buyers. Lisa has helped me simplify my message, increase my confidence, and use my personal style to build audience enthusiasm and interest in my work. Lisa is undeniably insightful and creative. Her advice is broad, yet situation-specific."

       -Martie, Mackay
                     Photographic Designer