Speaking for Students

For three years, Lisa has been the marvelous consultant for our Public Engagement/Material Culture Institute at the University of Delaware, teaching doctoral students how to improve their public speaking skills at the podium and on television.  The participants each year have given her their highest rankings.  We have increased her segment here and they still want more!
                 - Dr. Joyce Hill Stoner
                 University of Delaware,
                 Director UD Preservation and Doctoral Program

Develop confidence and allow yourself to stand out from the crowd.

Test scores, grades and extracurricular activities are important, but colleges and employers also want to know who you are and what you care about. Organize your Ideas and present them with confidence, enthusiasm and poise - whether in the classroom or during a college or job interview. You will develop the ability to make a great first impression and sustain it Learn how to let the "real you" shine through.

Are you a graduate student, accustomed to presenting ideas in detail to academic peers who understand the Jargon of the field? At times you may need to get your message across in language that everyone can understand. We'll show you how to identify your main messages and simplify them into "sound bites"- so you can engage and excite a wider audience through short speeches and radio and television interviews.